Fire Fighting Equipments
Consult D. R. Gupta Engineering Works for buying fire fighting equipments. The company in New Delhi, India, manufactures a line of equipment that can be used to effectively suppress fire in different facilities. 
Fire Vehicles
Get in touch with D. R. Gupta Engineering Works for buying fire vehicles, like rescue tender and foam tender. Private and government fire fighting companies can buy vehicle to equip themselves for unpredictable fire events. 
Ceasefire Products
D. R. Gupta Engineering Works since 1990 has been serving offices, laboratories, factories, education institutes in India, South Asian Countries and Middle East with ceasefire products. These products can be put to use for suppressing fire.

Secure Zone Products
CO2 fire extinguisher, water fire extinguisher, abc fire extinguisher are a few secure zone products which can be used anywhere and to suppress all classes of fire. There is specialized extinguisher for inflammable products, like kerosene, grease and paint.