Fire Fighting Equipments
Consult D. R. Gupta Engineering Works for buying fire fighting equipments. The company in New Delhi, India, manufactures a line of equipment that can be used to effectively suppress fire in different facilities. 
Fire Vehicles
Get in touch with D. R. Gupta Engineering Works for buying fire vehicles, like rescue tender and foam tender. Private and government fire fighting companies can buy vehicle to equip themselves for unpredictable fire events. 
Ceasefire Products
D. R. Gupta Engineering Works since 1990 has been serving offices, laboratories, factories, education institutes in India, South Asian Countries and Middle East with ceasefire products. These products can be put to use for suppressing fire.

Secure Zone Products
CO2 fire extinguisher, water fire extinguisher, abc fire extinguisher are a few secure zone products which can be used anywhere and to suppress all classes of fire. There is specialized extinguisher for inflammable products, like kerosene, grease and paint.

Fire Pumps

We are offering portable fire pumps, which can handle low pressure as well as high pressure. These fire fighting pumps have a MS sheet cover and are specially painted in order to make them heat resistant.

Pumping Machines And Spares
In the range of pumping machines and spares, we are offering a top quality firefighting pump which has an automatic operation. It works using electricity and has specifications of 350 degree Celsius of temperature and the head size up to 100 m.

Hoses And Hose Fittings
Brass fire hose reel nozzles are provided under the category of hoses and hose fittings. This product is made using top grade brass and is provided in polished finishing. All these products are used for domestic and industrial applications.

Clamps and Clamping Equipment
We are providing an aluminum fire hose clamp, which is used as a temporary method to stop the leaks that might occur in the delivery hoses, during an ongoing firefighting process. They may be rapidly clamped over the leaking line, avoiding additional damage and potential explosion.

Safety Equipment and Systems
Manual call point for the fire alarm system allows people to trigger the alarm system in the case of a fire by pushing a frangible part. The ideal installation height is 1.4m above floor level so that it is simply accessible.

Fire Fighting Vehicles
A Fire Fighting Bike is one of the popular fire fighting vehicles used by the fire department to beat traffic congestion. On this bike, a few small sized pieces of equipment can be carried, such as simple extinguishers, to jet guns with hose rigs.